About Matrix Geo

Matrix-Geo Solutions is a privately held global Geospatial Service & Engineering Consultancy Company that is based in New Delhi, India.

Matrix Geo use the latest technologies like Photogrammetry, Geographical Information System (GIS), LIDAR, Remote Sensing, software solutions integrated with domain engineering excellence to achieve best results and develop solutions for medium to large scale enterprise and government agencies across the world.

Matrix-Geo employs a highly trained and exerienced staff of geospatial experts specializing in GIS strategic planning, consulting, development, design, implementation and integration. We have assembled a team having extensive experience in managing and performing citywide, countywide and regional mapping projects throughout the world that ensures a service higher in quality and accuracy.

Matrix-Geo is known for dependability, accuracy and superior quality with a consistent track record in meeting technical requirements on-time and on-budget. Our focus is total “quality management.”

Why Choose Matrix-Geo?


Our superior technology enables Matrix to be more accurate with an innovative approach. We deliver more information as standard, not as an extra charge.


Matrix-Geo is a solutions-based company providing a custom tailored approach to each client’s project needs. Better solutions, capabilities and technology


Emerging technologies employed by Matrix-Geo are allowing us to get the job done faster than before, yielding accelerated service and more rapid turnaround.


Innovative technology, efficiency, experience, and our focus on customer service all combine to create a product at a value that can’t be matched. A faster solution at a lower cost translates into increased capacity.


The team at Matrix-Geo takes pride in the quality, detail and accuracy of every project we deliver, backing our services with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Values

Our Mission

 Worked with client all over the world USA- EUROPE – AFRICA – ASIA and know- how of latest technology development & best practices

Our Essence

At our core, MatrixGeo Operates on Innovation, Continuous Learning, Customer Service & Quality

Our Promise

To help our clients to adopt latest GeoSpatial technologies for decision making by delivering reliable information, quickly

Our Vibe

At MatrixGeo we dream together, innovate, work hard for giving excellent service to our clients ON DAILY BASIS

Key Differentiator

Own 21+ years of experience working with Geospatial Technologies

Global Work Experience Worked with client all over the world USA- EUROPE-AFRICA-ASIA and know- how of latest technology development & best practices

Technology Implementtion: We understand each project, associated challenge and decides the most appropriate technology to meet the objective of the project

Full Life Cycle Support: Satellite imagery for planning, aerial /Lidar survey for design, field survey for construction, GIS services for implementation, and consultancy for project wide maintenance

Performance Guaranteed: Our team ensures the services are provided in agreed schedule and utilized by our clients in best possible manner

Access to Latest Practices: Our commitment to innovation, latet technology adoption and continous improvement help us to provide latest practices to our clients

Team Lead By

Friends for 24+ Years, Co-Owners, Co-Passionate about Geosptial Technologies since 1997

We understand Relationships are Important so the relationships with our Clients, Colleagues & Family

After all its about people…..


Amit Sharma

Founder and Director


Rahul Jain

Founder and Director



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